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April 2008

CERN creates a new super-fast internet, invites tons of people to a deathmatch - Engadget

Apparently, when CERN isn't colliding particles (and ripping massive holes in the space-time continuum), it's busy working on a new "internet" which will be 10,000 times faster than our current version.

March 2008

DIY, lifehack, wondercon — The gals play with fire! — popSiren — Revision3

ReadyMade's Jen Trolio shows Jessica how to make comic book stationary from scratch! Sarah gets organized online and Dr. Kiki teaches you how to make fire with sound waves. Neha Tiwari investigates what turned nerd into the cool kid at WonderCon and Heath

October 2007

Silicon Hills of Austin / Links Plus -

The companies and organizations listed below have offices and an online presence in the Austin area. Most are headquartered here.

May 2007

The Morning News - 2007 Editors’ Awards for Online Excellence by The Editors

computer smashed, phone still works, headlines up within the hour 06:19 AM May 24, 2007 from txt

April 2007

Packet Garden captures information about how you use the internet and uses this stored information to grow a private world you can later explore.

Twitter has the online world talking

What's Paul Terry Walhus Twittering about today? The information technology manager for Jo's Hot Coffee and the Hotel San Jose is "walking around testing various wifi locations on S Congress, Austin L:78704," last we checked. Before that, he was "at hom

January 2007

July 2006