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Twitter Friend Adder Firefox Plugin

You will then need to login to your account find the persons friends you would like to communicate with right click on there profile and there should be an option stating “Grab this Users Friends” hit that and the plugin should start working.

Skype on iPhone

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there is a workaround that will enable you to use Skype on the Apple iPhone.


Hack Attack : Install Leopard on your PC in 3 easy steps! | dailyApps

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Well its been only a day since the Mac OSX Leopard was released officially by Apple and the hackers have managed to create a patched DVD that everyone like you and me can use to install Leopard on PC’s without having to buy a Mac.

Unlock the iPhone - a simple tutorial!

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This is the real deal - unlock your iPhone for use with any SIM in less than an hour. A

Jing Project: Visual conversation starts here. Mac or Windows.

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Record video of what you do, or what you see. Capture images. Share online. Amazing!

Packet Garden captures information about how you use the internet and uses this stored information to grow a private world you can later explore.


Daily Cup of Tech » Recovering Your Lost Passwords

Cain & Abel is a very powerful tool that helps you to recover a number of passwords from Microsoft operating systems.

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