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March 2008

TerminArtors - Homepage

purports to be the largest online fine arts gallery with almost 30,000 paintings

December 2007

MyShutterspace - Photo Sharing & Photography Forums

MyShutterspace is a social network for digital photography enthusiasts. This is your place to connect with other digital photographers (both amateur and pro), share photos, videos & stories, get critiques on photos, and discuss photography techniques and

April 2007

60 best CSS directories you would die to watch! at Witty Sparks

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we came up with a compendium of best CSS directories, CSS showcase, CSS galleries that rank / grade websites (using CSS) on the basis of ‘alexa ranking’, colors, categories, tags, ratings and RSS.

July 2006 | css design gallery

cloud of thumbnails of the best css sites

May 2006

Max Kiesler - Downloadable AJAX Galleries, Slideshows and Effects

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Until recently many of the most visually stunning and functional image galleries, slideshows, and effects were done through Flash. With the advent of AJAX many developers are taking another look at javascript and are producing some very amazing functional

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