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May 2008

ShowYourself Widget

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ShowYourself is a simple to make, easy, free and fun utility to help establish your identity across the web. Have a Flickr account and a Facebook and AIM? Combine all your profiles on the web into one attractive widget that you can put on your blog, your

January 2008

ATP's GPS Photo Finder geotags your pix OTG - Engadget

GPS Photo Finder, a unique device which automatically tags your digital pictures with latitude and longitude, without the need for a PC nearby. The little rectangular box works by reading SD, MMC or Memory Stick data and then tagging pictures on the media

December 2007

Dash Express Automotive Navigation System

Superior traffic with the Dash Driver Network™:Select your route based on up-to-the-minute traffic data that is automatically and anonymously exchanged via the most reliable source–other Dash devices.

Google Talk Gadget

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chat on google talk ... we're live at from Hope BC Canada today

March 2007

Twadget — The Twitter Vista Sidebar Gadget

Well, Vista has officially been released, so whether you stood in line like a spod at a midnight opening, or have been running that copy you got off BitTorrent two months ago, feel free to download the latest version of Twadget and get your Twitter on!

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