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April 2007

Ramblings from Richard's Ranch

The FreeBSD team has added ZFS to the FreeBSD-7.0 release! This is excellent news and all of us are happy to share with the FreeBSD community.

July 2006

BSD Guides :: Doing Stuff With FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, & Mac OS X

If you have been following the varous BSD flavors, you will notice that new releases of FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD have become available all within a few weeks' time. You can... | My sysadmin toolbox

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I've been a system administrator since 1988, working mainly with Solaris and one or two versions of BSD. Here are some of the things I use all the time, including a number of scripts I've written myself to leverage already useful *nix tools; they're not f

Become Your Own Web Host in 75 Steps

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One of the biggest issues involved with becoming a web publisher is the question of hosting. With an internet clogged with false hosting review sites, hosting companies trying to rip you off, and hosting companies run by 14 year olds, the majority of web

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