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May 2008

Tag Galaxy

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Holy Cow! This is such a cool flickr visualization, a spinning globe that shows whatever tag you pick

March 2008

February 2008

10 Email Addresses That Will Be Useful When You No Internet Access - Send an email with the URL of the web page in the Subject field (e.g. and you’ll soon find a copy of that web page in your Inbox. A perfect option when there’s no Internet access in the area or access is restricted (for

Flickr: Tools to upload and share your photos

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There are loads of ways for you to upload your photos to Flickr, in addition to the web-based upload form. Try out one of these tools to get your photos online quickly and effectively.

January 2008

November 2007

Niall Corbet's slideshow on Flickr

A wonderful slide show of images from Niall Corbet, Thailand

October 2007

The Web Profile Aggregators : Somewhat Frank :: web 2.0 ● technology ● life :: blog by Frank Gruber

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Several products have emerged in an effort to help users better manage and display all of their profiles in one place. This article will showcase these web profile aggregators more closely as we look to unify our online identities & stay updated

July 2007

April 2007

February 2007

January 2007

social software blog

Caterina Fake I am the cofounder of Flickr, and this is my blog about social software, web development, business, community and design. I also publish a few other which is mostly about art and literature, FlickrBlog, news and da

December 2006

Slideshow: Create an online slideshow

Create a slideshow from images anywhere on the internet. Create a show of your last vacation or screenshots of that game you're playing or of that time your best friend did that thing at that party. Then share it with your friends. Works with your photos

July 2006

SitePoint Blogs » Flickr, PHP and that word… scaling

What makes Flickr interesting as an online application is it’s use of RSS, among other things, and how that in turn enables social networking. Although the term “social networking” is currently a buzzword, what Flickr and have achieved,

June 2006