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June 2007

May 2007

CleverClogs: OnePipe : the Single-Button Generic Feed Filtering Bookmarklet

pointers and tips related to desktop and web alert services, news readers and personal productivity

March 2007

computers should be less friendly

a collection of blogs, links and anything else that falls out of my head

February 2007

The Daily Vlog

Every day at 3:00 a camera records for 5 minutes at CleverMedia. No rehearsal. No retakes. No editing. This is The Daily Vlog -- a daily fun show about technology, culture and our lives. Plus, we can be kind of silly sometimes.

January 2007


A look at what's new, what's cool, what's useful on the Internet right now with Amber Macarthur and Leo Laporte

Amanda Congdon on

Catch Amanda Congdon's refreshing, edgy, attitude in her weekly videoblog. You thought you've seen interactive? You've never seen anything like this -- talk to Amanda, ask her questions, help shape her program. Brought to you by

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