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Sprint, Novatel Bring EV-DO to MacBook Pro

We Mac users have been left out in the cold when it comes to 3G wireless for the most part, but Sprint and Novatel are here to settle the score. The EX720 ExpressCard is an EV-DO Rev. A card that grants your MacBook Pro the ability to access the Internet

August 2007

CDU680 from Franklin - EVDO USB Modem, Coming Soon :

see the AirCard 595U (left), Novatel U720 (center) and Franklin CDU-680 (right) pictured below.

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Looking for the latest and greatest EVDO news, reviews, and tips? A blog from the experts at We discuss everything EVDO for Sprint and Verizon.

EVDO info, EV-DO Coverage, Tips, News, Reviews, Verizon, Sprint :

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Merlin EX720 and MacBook Pro won't work out of the box but these folks have a kit to make it work and have free phone support

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