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March 2008

Fluid - Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard

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Use Fluid to run YouTube, GTalk, Flickr, Basecamp, Delicious, .Mac webmail, or any other WebApp as a separate Mac desktop application.

Tasty Blog Snack

Justine Ezarik's blog. submitted on springnet's bookmarks on on her birthday. March 23, 2008 she turned 24.

There are many ways to see what’s going on from the official site, Upcoming, Facebook and the SXSW Insider on Ning to name few.

February 2008

Pure Mac: Audio - Software for Macintosh

great list of all the audio apps for the mac except for ecamm

Ecamm Network: Call Recorder for Skype - Automatically Record Skype Calls On Your Mac

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Finally, an easy way to record Skype calls and podcast interviews. Call Recorder is an add-on for Skype which automatically transforms your audio or video calls into QuickTime movies.

Pure Mac: Audio - Software for Macintosh

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whole bunch of audio recording and editing apps for the mac

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better | OEDb

If you think that iPods are used just for listening to music, you obviously haven't been keeping up with the latest technology.

January 2008

Merlin Mann

Merline Mann's blog SF CA of 43 Folders and MacBreak Weekly nailing down speaking gigs including sxsw 08 creator of 5ives

Small Laptops

Small laptop: “A subnotebook (also known as a palmtop, a kneetop or an ultraportable) is an extremely small and lightweight portable computer, with all features of a standard laptop computer and running all its applications. Its overall size is much sm

Mac Daddy World

Use your iPhone’s camera as a wireless Mac webcam! Stream video over Wi-Fi to any Mac video application such as iChat, Photo Booth or Skype.

Skype on iPhone

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there is a workaround that will enable you to use Skype on the Apple iPhone.

Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About

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As rumored, Apple announced a new line of portable computers during Steve Jobs' keynote speech at MacWorld San Fransisco today, the MacBook Air. The new line is a complement to the existing MacBook and MacBook Pro lines.

VLC media player - Overview

by 29 others
VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multi

December 2007

ITunes: Multiple libraries in iTunes 7

The recently-released iTunes 7 has added the much wished-for ability to manage multiple music libraries, and the Klavr weblog points out how simple it is

October 2007

Hack Attack : Install Leopard on your PC in 3 easy steps! | dailyApps

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Well its been only a day since the Mac OSX Leopard was released officially by Apple and the hackers have managed to create a patched DVD that everyone like you and me can use to install Leopard on PC’s without having to buy a Mac.

September 2007

Sprint, Novatel Bring EV-DO to MacBook Pro

We Mac users have been left out in the cold when it comes to 3G wireless for the most part, but Sprint and Novatel are here to settle the score. The EX720 ExpressCard is an EV-DO Rev. A card that grants your MacBook Pro the ability to access the Internet

Unlock the iPhone - a simple tutorial!

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This is the real deal - unlock your iPhone for use with any SIM in less than an hour. A

August 2007

AppleTV Flash Mashup

fantastic video mashup... very compelling design and look feel.... cool

July 2007

author site of floola, the ipoda alternative

June 2007

Free Article -

full transcript of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs interview in the Wall Street Journal

May 2007

Derek Punsalan - 5ThirtyOne

by 8 others
the steps necessary to control two or more Apple computers [at the same time] is quite simple and easily completed by anyone willing and able to follow a few simple directions.

Al Gore's American Life | Photo Essays | TIME

To quote Michael Cote: "Sweet Jesus! That office looks frickin' awesome! Do I have to become a two-time VP to get that setup?" referring to the 3 side by side Apple 30" cinema displays (it helps to be on the Board of Apple)

April 2007

Stardock ObjectDock

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Macifies the icons on your pc and puts them in to a dock just like the Mac.

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