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March 2008

December 2007

Home > Tweeterboard : Conversation Analytics for Twitter

Tweeterboard is a way of looking at who is influential on Twitter based on their conversations with other Twitter users. There are other services, like Twitterposter, that base influence on how many followers you have. Tweeterboard looks at who talks to u

November 2007

Who's Using It? - OpenSocial - Google Code

bebo, currenttv, friendster, imeem, myspace, netvibes, ning, orkut, paypal, plaxo, slide, xing, etc. are all opensocial launch partners

September 2007

Facebook Developers | Documentation

The Facebook API uses a REST-based interface. This means that our Facebook method calls made over the internet by sending HTTP GET or POST requests to REST server add social context to application by utilizing profile, friend, photo, and event data.

July 2007

mootools - home

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Object-Oriented JavaScript framework designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer. It allows you to write powerful, flexible, and cross-browser code with its elegant, well documented, and coherent API.

Twittercal — tweet your google calendar

by 3 others is a free service that connects your Twitter account to your Google Calendar. Add events from your Twitter client. Follow the 5 steps procedure to get started.

Top 10 Twitter Apps

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FranticIndustries and the Twitter Fan Wiki together present a comprehensive list of Twitter mash-ups and extensions. But what to try first? Here's our selection of the most interesting and practical Twitters apps. 1. Twitter Atlas

May 2007 - Articles - - Highrise Task Quicksilver Scripts

API for Highrise from 37 Signals so that integrates with Quicksilver better than using emails to create tasks.

April 2007

Twitter Earth

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TwitterEarth is currently in Alpha Testing. Beta version with fixes & new functionalities will be deployed soon. For more information, please contact .

September 2006

July 2006

SitePoint Blogs » Flickr, PHP and that word… scaling

What makes Flickr interesting as an online application is it’s use of RSS, among other things, and how that in turn enables social networking. Although the term “social networking” is currently a buzzword, what Flickr and have achieved,

Build a Site Search with the Google Search API

Google provides several APIs, including one for their web based search, another for their desktop toolbar, and one for their Adwords program. Here we look at creating a custom site search with PHP and the search API.

June 2006 A-to-Z by Functions : All 150+ hacks categorized : eConsultant

by 33 others A-to-Z by Functions : All 150+ hacks. hacks, links, tools organized by actions / functions. This list is also available categorized by platforms : A-to-Z by Platforms : All 150+ hacks

May 2006 surf

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Enter a tag/username into the field below and press 'Go'. A random page from that tag/user will come up in the frame at the bottom and a link to bookmark the shown page will be given. For more information read about it on my blog.

April 2006

30 Boxes API

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The 30 Boxes API is open for non-commercial application development. Remember we are still in beta; we will change, update, and add methods as we recieve your feedback! More to come soon...