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March 2008

ELASTRA - The Infinite Database

ELASTRA is the world's first infinitely scalable solution for running standard relational databases in an on-demand computing cloud. ELASTRA's exclusive, high-performance S3DFS storage technologies enable a standard RDBMS to be deployed on Amazon's Elasti

June 2007

Search and Map Out Auctions, and Classifieds with FREE Auction Sniping

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name your item and it finds items for sale that match your search on craigslist, ebay, amazon and other auction and classifieds sites. Pretty useful and impressive.

December 2006 ยป Adsense ready Wordpress themes

Here is another wordpress theme modified to include adunits, adlinks and google sitesearch. The theme is based on Green boqpod (?) from Hardi P. I liked the theme as soon as I saw it and was delighted to find that Hardi P had included .psd filed for the h

May 2006

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