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May 2007

Highrise - Welcome

contacts tasks and cases contact management and project management with quicksilver integration on Macs

April 2007

Software For Virtual Teams

more and more companies are going virtual. The answer to long commutes, inner city traffic, tapping into creative minds in other geographies and combating global warming is: a 'work from home' policy.

Project Management 2.0

New technologies, concepts, and Web 2.0 tools are popping up everywhere. How can you use them to help your project team collaborate, communicate - or just give your project an extra boost?

July 2006

tools: Project Management checklists and templates

A traditional PM aphorism: "You know you're a successful project manager when you survive the project." I've picked up a few useful tools to keep my projects organized and to help with project initiation and communication. These MS Word, Excel, and Projec

April 2006

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