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What if twitter dissapeared? Top 40 Twitter alternatives w/reviews

Could you continue if Twitter went down permanently? Will web 2.0 be the same? How will your disciples know what you're doing? Is there an alternative? These are questions we all have to ask ourselves in this grave predicament. With Twitter's continued downtime over the past year users have begin looking at alternatives. But before we look at those, let's first look at the worst case scenario of twitter going down permanently now and then let's come together to discuss it in hopes we find a solution.


Peoples in ' web2.0 '

... peoples in ' web2.0 ' : Popular Buzz Today! : English, advanced mash-up, split up based on different media : Topic : web2.0

Hmm... I'll keep an open mind for the moment. : What do you like? - Share what's interesting to you.

It's very impressive. They say to me "What do you like? - Share what's interesting to you.". : Watching Today! : English : Watching Today!" is a good news polymerization fact, it is currently offering four national languages of real-time news, including the United States, South Korea, Japan and China, news from major advisory site, For example, the Chinese Google News, 163, 33 and so on. There are also some hot from the blog, and also provided a video hot, hot picture information, through it you can learn the basic of all current hot news.


mostbloggers | isp | blog: referez rockez!

(via) just a snippet of code on these sites - and when their articles are read - they get listed (in real time) :: 내가 찾은 나만의 북마크 ::

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The is a korean social bookmark site as like It’s personal proto-type made by imohany. He wanted to make korean based and most of functions are simliar with’s. The unique thing is that offer feed icon and reading windows if a bookmark includes RSS feeds such as blogs and news sites.


[RSS PREVIEW] ::: 태터 툴즈 오피셜 블로그 :::

[RSS PREVIEW] ::: 태터 툴즈 오피셜 블로그 :::

[RSS PREVIEW] ::: Inside Firefox :::

Firefox 1.5 is available now, the first major upgrade to Firefox since 1.0 shipped just over a year ago. Firefox 1.5 is the result of the contributions of thousands of volunteers from around the world. 1.5 is a midpoint on...

[RSS PREVIEW] ::: Internet Time Blog :::

Yes, it's still Internet Time Blog, where Jay Cross shares ideas about learning, understanding, and doing a better job.

[Top Popular Feeds PREVIEW] ::: GIS - Wine Countries :::

i saved "GIS - Wine Countries" because i have to give wine her at the x-mas season

[Top Popular Feeds PREVIEW] ::: :::

why!!! why i can't image in this site... can u view image in this site,, well,, anyway!

[RSS PREVIEW] ::: The Beatles - :::

Oh i love "The Beatles". i found this in

[Top Popular Feeds PREVIEW] ::: Mp3 Music :::

Check out this week's Free Music Downloads and MP3s from today's hottest artists at this blog!

[Top Popular Feeds PREVIEW] ::: The Story of David Kaspar :::

The Story of David Kaspar Online journal and ponderings about the Internet, gadgets and photography.

[RSS PREVIEW] ::: Beatles Pictures :::

i find Beatles Pictures more... [RSS PREVIEW] Beatles Pictures ::: [Feed] rss feed xml music photo...Oh.. I love "THE BEATLES"!

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