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30 October 2006

The real face of Boratstan

Oh, Borat has got it all wrong. Everyone I meet is in agreement on this. Kazakhstan's president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is not a totalitarian dictator; he is only moderately repressive: banning and intimidating opposition parties, jailing the odd journalist, etc. The country's national drink is not horse piss; it is fermented horse milk that merely tastes of piss. And Jew-baiting is not, actually, a national sport. It's more of a hobby, as in the phrase 'You're as tight as a Jew' or the practice of making 'a Jewish phone call' (when you get the other party to call you back on your landline).

19 October 2006

The Tao Of Programming

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Thus spake the master programmer: "When you have learned to snatch the error code from the trap frame, it will be time for you to leave."

18 October 2006

eBay: Stephen Colbert: Exclusive Portrait

In celebration of his show's first anniversary, Stephen Colbert is auctioning off his highly valuable, extremely realistic portrait that currently hangs above the fireplace on the set of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report." 100% of the winning bid will be donated to Save the Children.

26 September 2006

Self-reference - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Self-reference is a phenomenon in natural or formal languages consisting in a sentence or formula referring to itself directly, through some intermediate sentence or formula, or by means of some encoding.

25 September 2006 Video - Truth in Advertising

Exceptionally funny video: what would it be like if the people working in advertising would speak the truth

19 September 2006

Blackbeard Rugged Tampons

I am female. I am not girly. I am desperately ungirly. I look good in pink, but I feel guilty about it. For various reasons*, I would sooner belly-crawl through broken glass than buy anything marketed "for girls!" or "for women!" And I resent the fact that feminine products have me, as it were, by the short hairs in this regard. And so, a year or so ago, I decided that I wanted a new brand of tampon. Something that was not girly, that was not pastel, that did not have flowers, and which did not make my ovaries curl up and die of shame. I do not mind having a period--I'd rather not, but eh, goes with the territory--but I detest the marketing. It's time for a rugged new brand. A brand no one will ever call "girly." A brand you can take to the checkout counter and meet the clerk's eye while you buy it, and if they say a word, you have 'em tied to the mast and flogged. Blackbeard the Pirate's Rugged Tampons. A product you can trust, from a name you can't! *The fact I wasn't allowed to have a Skeletor action figure as a child being chief among them...

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