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September 2006

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Essential Resources for Google Maps -

College Toolkit

College Profile for Washington University In St Louis - College Hangouts

ITaP Lab Map

it availability map of computers at the university

Wayfaring Map

- Stingy Scholar's University Podcasts, Webcasts & OCWs

Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets

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google map und hacks - anleitung und beschreibung

HOW-TO:google map

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Make your own annotated multimedia Google map - Engadget

Yartha Atlas

World History mapped with google earth


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A Multiplayer Google Maps Game

Google Map Attack

YA google map game

U of M Magic Bus - Stop View

university of michigan campus map


google map games

Google Maps API

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getting a google maps api key

Google Groups: Google Maps API

information on the google maps api

Google Groups: Google Maps Help Group

faq, howtos and tutorials on google maps


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google earth + wikipedia - Let's describe the whole Earth!


Treasure Seeking game with google maps.

July 2006

Berlin Metro System Map

google map hack for berlin metro system

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