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January 2007


WebCite® is an archiving system for webreferences (cited webpages and websites), which can be used by authors, editors, and publishers of scholarly papers and books, to ensure that cited webmaterial will remain available to readers in the future. If cite

December 2006

Ways to Use Blogs

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UThink: Blogs at the University Libraries

Academic Uses of Wikis

list of examples on academic uses

November 2006

July 2006

uPortal Themes

uPortal Themes, templates to download


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mashup beispiele - Mashups and the Web as Platform - Wie gut ist mein Professor?

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social ranking for university professors in germany Curtis J. Bonk,Charles R. Graham

The Handbook of Blended Learning. Global Perspectives, Local Designs: Bücher: Will Richardson

Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms

rotes café

parties und politik im studentischen cafe


Verein der Freundinnen und Freunde des Otto-Suhr-Instituts


homepage der veterinärmedizinstudenten der fu berlin