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November 2005

October 2005 - Olympic visitors to get Chinese-speaking phone

Chinese services company Capinfo has made a Motorola flip-phone speak Chinese for visitors to the 2008 Beijing Olympics ... a somewhat Star Trek like experience

May 2005

Le : L'univers des blogs, ses habitants, ses rites, son langage

Blogs in Le Monde! And it seems the word "blog" is no longer acceptable in French; now we have to say "bloc", short for "bloc notes", despite the fact that I've never heard anyone use that expression before. What's wrong with "carnet" if they really want a French word?

Telegraph | Arts | Americans learn how to speak English

"Snog, tickety-boo, chuffed, chinwag - it's no secret that our beloved British slang has Americans flummoxed"

The Uncensored French Language

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How to swear in French (as if I didn't know already!)

Urban Dictionary: Define Your World

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Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions

April 2005

Le français dans le monde

Où placer les pronoms personnels compléments ?

Chocolate and Vodka :: Grammar - it's not that scary really

There are two sorts of grammar, two ways of learning grammar and two sorts of people when it comes to grammar learning. Which does make it all far simpler than you might believe.

Languages and social software

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By tagging your Flickr photos and your BlogMarks bookmarks in English as well as your own language, you will make them more accessible to others - and the most important word in "social software" isn't software, is it?

March 2005

Improve your vocabulary - "80 entries found for nice."

February 2005

Le Conjugueur

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Online tool for conjugating French verbs. Firefox plug-in also available

mnot’s Web log: We need WikiVerbs!

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You *can* build some semantics using just WikiNames.

WORDCOUNT / Tracking the Way We Use Language /

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"WordCount™ is an artistic experiment in the way we use language. It presents the 86,800 most frequently used English words, ranked in order of commonness."

January 2005

Instituto Cervantes - Paris

They do Galician courses for only 15 euros a semester!

Ti ar Vretoned

"The House of the Bretons", the Breton cultural association in Paris

Welcome to the SFHS!

The Swedish Finn Historical Society

December 2004

dictionnaire en ligne français & toutes langues LEXILOGOS >>

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mots et merveilles des langues d'ici et d'ailleurs

November 2004

Langue sauce piquante

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Blog written by the proofreaders of Le Monde

September 2004

The Mobile Phone Directory

Phone specifications, glossary of terms, and telecom news

August 2004

Ogden's Basic English

Express any concept in English with a vocabulary of just 850 words? Hmm.