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October 2006

Shattered version 7.0 | R A D I A N C E | feat. Eva Longoria

To Shattered, the graphics site of Line. This site holds all my art - graphics and icons - aswell as textures, tutorials and scans made by me. You are welcome to browse around the site and I hope you find something you like. Don't forget to leave me a tag on my tagboard.

July 2006

Japanese Lessons

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Hello, listeners! Welcome to the website of our "Japanese Lessons. " I'm Mihoko Honda, the presenter of our English service for learning Japanese. This website provides you with the reedited versions of "Basic Japanese for You" and "Brush Up Your Japanese" that are designed for the Internet users. Their original versions are on the air on NHK World Radio Japan, that is the overseas shortwave service of NHK. Why don't you study Japanese with me?

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