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2010 |

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moteur de wiki online


WordPress Wiki Plugin

WordPress Wiki Plugin adds Wiki functionalty to your WordPress Website

Typedia |

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a shared encyclopedia of typefaces


Présenter les wikis en 20' à une entreprise |

Comment présenter les wikis en 20 minutes à une entreprise qui n’en a jamais entendu parler ?


Microformats |

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Site officiel sur les microformats. WIki, blogs, etc...

Mindquarry |

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Open source collaborative project and team collaboration software, featuring a range of features from wiki creation and editing, to file sharing and team collaboration that meshes simplicity and functionality.

EditThisPagePHP |

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tool for collaborative editing online. Pages can be made editable by authorized users, or anyone with something to contribute. Every version of a page is retained, so content is never lost.


Gilofr |

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guide pour aidee les DSI à employer l'open source

iJot: Take Note |

Web-based iJot combines a word processor and a wiki to turn your notes into outlines, which you can then save and/or share.

Upcoming events |

Semantic Mediawiki with Timeline support

The Org Chart Wiki |

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“Wikipedia of organization charts,” anyone can freely view, edit, and maintain corporate structures online

s3wiki |

S3 serverless wiki, stores pages to Amazon S3 service

Word macros |

macros pour passer d'un doc word à un doc mediawiki

Wikiwygify wikipedia with Greasemonkey |

script greasmonkey pour installer un éditeur wysiwyg sur mediawiki

Awf-cms |

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Open Source Content Management System and development framework based on PHP 5 and the Smarty template engine |

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provide a sharing platform for social groups. Intègre d'autres services (, paypal, flickr)

wikiCalc |

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tool for pages that include data that is more than just unformatted prose. It combines some of the ease of authoring and multi-person editing of a wiki with the familiar visual formatting and data organizing metaphor of a spreadsheet.

Around me |

by 8 others
free social networking and group collaboration platform


Wikitravel |

by 17 others
wiki regroupant des conseils de voyage dans le monde entier

Wiki Feature Comparison |

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excellent site pour comparer les différentes caractéristiques de différents wikis

MediaWiki Forums |

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forum des utilisateurs de MediaWiki

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