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Pingdom Tools

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Test the load time of a web page

Fake - Mac OS X Web Browser Automation and Webapp Testing Made Simple.

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Inspired by Apple's Automator application, Fake looks like a combination of Safari and Automator that allows you to run (and re-run) "fake" interactions with the web.

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Low cost usability testing

Navflow |

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navigation testing for your mocks and wireframes. helps analyse how people navigate around your applications and websites.

TestSize |

test any web page in any window size


Prefinery: Beta Management Software |

Outil online pour gérer ses betas testeurs


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web-based software application for remote online card sorting

Userfly |

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Outil online pour screencaster les users de son site en mettant une simple ligne de javascript


JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging |

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"A cool pastie-like for javascript. you can put your html along with your javascript and execute it. The biggest javascript libraries are already inside and ready to be added to your code." Via lejoe