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December 2010

November 2010

WordPress › OptionTree « WordPress Plugins

a plugin that makes it easy to set up theme options in WordPress. You can easily add uploaders, colorpickers, radio boxes, text inputs, textareas, etc to a panel- and even more advanced stuff like post, tag and page selectors.

October 2010

September 2010

WordPress › Template Tag Shortcodes « WordPress Plugins

A plugin that turns many of the WP template tags into shortcodes (40+ shortcodes).

August 2010

WordPress › Theme Switch and Preview « WordPress Plugins

it allows you to tweak the template online without breaking stuff for visitors. There is a widget and a shortcode to make switching WordPress design easily.

July 2010

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February 2010

January 2010

Theme switch and preview plugin

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With this plugin you can switch to a totally different blog theme when you are logged in to your WordPress dashboard

How to Create a Theme Development Environment for a Live WordPress Site – Inspect Element - Web Design & Development Blog

Any good website owner knows that they need to be constantly looking at ways to improve their site even through small little tweaks. If you're using Wordpress you'll notice that it isn't easy to create a development version without creating a separate installation. Of course, you can make changes directly on a live WordPress site but that isn't recommended for anything other than minor tweaks.

WordPress Theme Directory SVN |

the Subversion directory for all themes available on the official WordPress Theme Directory

November 2009

Starkers: The completely naked theme for WordPress |

a bare-bones WordPress theme created to act as a starting point for the theme designer. Free of all style, presentational elements, and non-semantic markup, Starkers is the perfect ‘blank slate’ for your projects, as it’s a stripped-back version of the ‘Default’ theme that ships with WordPress.

October 2009

WordPress Debug Theme - Yoast |

Sometimes you need to see what’s wrong with a WordPress install, and you need to see it fast. The WordPress Debug Theme helps you do just that.

August 2009