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SocialWhois |

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outil de whois pour les réseaux sociaux


HowSociable? - Brand Visibility Metrics |

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outil pour mesurer la présence d'une marque dans les outils sociaux

Short Reckonings |

tracking and evening out group expenses


NoseRub |

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a protocol for decentralized social networks. In this code repository, we will hold a sample application in PHP, that implement NoseRub

Facebook: Application Directory |

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Liste des applications externes pouvant accéder à Facebook

Plazes |

Localisation et réseau sociaux


Pligg |

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Digg like open source |

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service designed for students that helps with organization and notetaking


SuprGlu |

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rassemble sur une même page son compte flickr, delicious, blog, etc.

Ning |

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site permettant de regrouper ses différents comptes "sociaux"

Rojo |

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web news aggregator supporting tags and community aspects

Making social sites more social with Greasemonkey |

Script Greasemonkey qui relie les différents comptes "sociaux" pour un même username

Upcoming |

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social event calendar, completely driven by people like you.

ColorFields Colr Pickr |

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cherche des photos de flickr suivant une teinte donnée

Furl |

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Furl saves a personal copy of any page on the Web and lets you to find it again instantly, from any computer

Spurl |

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Free online bookmarks with so much more...


Rojo |

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Web based news reader with added features such as tagging and social networking