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Meteor Slides | Josh Leuze

This plugin makes it simple to manage a slideshow with WordPress by adding a custom post type for slides. The slideshow is powered by jQuery Cycle and has over twenty transition styles to choose from


Slideshows In Web Design: When And How To Use Them |

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This article focuses on how to implement the slideshow technique correctly. We will cover when you should use a slider and how to make a good slideshow, and we will showcase good slideshows and content sliders.


Omnisio |

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Permets de créer des présentations regroupant les slides, la vidéo et les commentaires des visiteurs

Cocoaslideshow |

Mac OS X simple, fast image viewer, spiritual son of Slides

Animoto |

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Outil pour faire des slideshows un peu plus vivant


AJAX Feed API Slide Show Control |

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permets en 2 lignes de code de mettre en place un slideshow à partir d'un fichier rss

iCarousel |

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carousel open source en javascript qui vous permettra de créer des petites applis qui dérouleront des données dans le même style que certains widgets

Slidez | The cleanest online portfolios, presentations and photo albums |

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create slick photo slideshows you can share with others or embed in your web site.

VoiceThread |

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Donne la possibilté de faire des diaporamas avec des commentaires audios


Xml/Swf Slideshow |

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XML/SWF Slideshow creates attractive web slideshows from dynamic image files and data.

Scooch |

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accessible, Web Standards based slide show creator and presentation blog for web sites

AJAX Galleries, Slideshows and Effects |

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liste de tips ajax pour des diaporamas et des galleries d'images

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