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Quixly automatically integrates with your PayPal & Google Checkout accounts and makes delivering your files to your customers a snap. Once your customer makes a purchase, Quixly will instantly deliver your files to them. It's completely customizable and completely secure. Manage & monitor your customer downloads as they happen.

Mockingbird |

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an online tool that makes it easy for you to create, link together, preview, and share mockups of your website or application. « Share your email in a safe way. Get less spam.

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online service that lets you protect your email address when sharing it online. It converts your email address into a short and safe link you can share on the web


synergy-plus - Project Hosting on Google Code

lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, without special hardware. All you need is a LAN connection. It's intended for users with multiple computers, where each system uses its own display. It's a little like having a 2nd or a 3rd desktop...

Deskography - Share photos of your desk |

Deskography is a simple little service where you upload photos of your desk. Why? Well, the idea is that it's fun to invite the world to see where you work.


Papaya |

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web server for Mac OS X dedicated to sharing your files with others (payant)

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