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December 2010

October 2010

Alleba Blog » Wordpress Plugin: WP Pic Tagger

allows you to tag people and objects in your images by selecting a region of the image and adding names, URLs and descriptions.

September 2010

August 2010

July 2010

Stop Motion Software | Animation | Mac + PC | Dragon Stop Motion

software for shooting stop motion animations. The program allows you to hook up a video / photo / webcam input source and take stills which can then be reorganized into scenes.

Pick&Zip - Photo downloader

Pick&Zip is a totally free online tool that will allow you downloading pictures from Facebook in a single zip or pdf file.

June 2010

May 2010

topCollage |

Automatically creates css-based collages using the images attached to the post. The images are clickable or lightbox-able.

April 2010

Automatic WP Thumbnails & Proportional Excerpts | Pro Blog Design

Automatically grabbing thumbnails from posts is cool. But what about automatic excerpt lengths that match the height of those photos?

March 2010

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator -

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Sometimes you just need a placeholder image right at your finger tips. Just enter the width + x + height at the end of this URL and off you go!

February 2010

WordPress › WP « WordPress Plugins

Reduce image file sizes and improve performance using the API within WordPress.

December 2009

ExifRenamer |

A mac software to rename your pictures using the exif data

ImageOptim |

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free Macintosh application that optimizes images so they take up less disk space and load faster. It finds the best compression parameters and by removing unnecessary comments and color profiles. It handles PNG, JPEG and GIF animations.

November 2009

September 2009

ImageOptim - a PNG/JPEG graphics optimizer for Mac OS X |

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front-end (GUI) for set of tools for optimisation of PNG/JPEG images and GIF animations

August 2009

ColorSuckr |

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tool for extracting colors from photos and make color schemes

Supersized |

Full Screen Background/Slideshow jQuery Plugin

July 2009

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A Hidim turns a torrent into a regular PNG image You save the png yourself. You can post it anywhere. People can decode it, but it can't be searched for... it won't turn up in searches for those torrents, unless you provide text that matches.

May 2009