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Macintosh Performance Guide: Articles & Reviews

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A huge list of performance trics for macs (via @lejoe)


Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone

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Mac Buyers Guide - Know when the next Mac, iPod or iPhone will be released.

BricoMac |

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Pièces détachées & accessoires Mac + iPod + iPhone


MacUpdate |

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Mises à jour de programmes mac


Font Matrix |

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a matrix of (western) fonts showing which are installed with Mac and Windows operating systems, which are installed with various versions of Microsoft Office, and which are installed with Adobe Creative Suite.

Apple Mail plug-ins and tools |

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A long list of plugins and tools for mail

iusethis mac software |

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permet de publier la liste des applications installées sur son mac.


Tweaking iTunes |

tweak and customize iTunes (automating musical alarms and data syncing, printing CD covers and grabbing album art)


Open Source Mac |

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liste de programmes gratuits pour mac

Top Ten Mac OS X Applications |

Andy Budd's top ten OS X freeware and shareware applications