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Pester |

a simple alarm clock and timer for Mac OS X

Miro Video Converter

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Convert any video to MP4, OGG Theora, iPhone, Android, iPod, and more, based on FFMPEG.


Dowser |

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Dowser is a research tool for the web. It clusters results from major search engines, associates words that appear in previous searches, and keeps a local cache of all the results you click on in a searchable database. It helps you keep track of what you find on the web.


tunnelblick - Google Code |

Tunnelblick is a ready-to-use graphical OpenVPN client for Mac OS X. It comes as an application package with all binaries and drivers included, no manual installation necessary.

GlimmerBlocker |

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Free, open-source application GlimmerBlocker adds a new preference pane to your System Preferences that brings system-wide ad blocking to your Mac.

Burn |

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outil de gravure opensource pour Mac

RAR Expander |

MacOSX program which extracts the files contained in RAR archives

Correo |

Correo, a new open-source mail client for Mac OS X. Correo blends technology from two popular Mozilla projects, Camino and Thunderbird, to create a polished native Macintosh application.


Porticus |

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Porticus is a Cocoa GUI for the MacPorts package manager. MacPorts provides ready to build open-source software packages modified to compile and run on Mac OS X