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Buying a NetBook to run Leopard? Here's a compatibility list. |

Trouver facilement un netbook compatible avec Mac OSX Leopard

HOWTO Use Your Mac From Anywhere |

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This guide demonstrates using SSH tunnels and VNC screen-sharing software to use your Mac from any PC over the Internet. It’s fast, secure, cross-platform, and can be done entirely with open source software.

Google Calendar CalDAV support |

Comment syncroniser Google calendar avec iCal

IPod: Copy Music from Your iPhone or iPod to Your Computer for Free |

tools and techniques for getting music off any model iPod onto nearly any computer—for free

Burn a DVD on Your Mac |

step-by-step for duplicating a video DVD using free and pay-for software.

Mac OS X Leopard Mail |

Skin Thunderbird to Look Like Leopard Mail

Keyboard Shortcut for Any Menu Action in Any Program |

Comment créer un raccourcis clavier mac dans un programme qui n'en avait pas


Advanced OS X: Surf a Secure Tunnel via SSH |

A nice tutorial to set up a ssh tunnel to surf with. It's quite usefull for getting an IP from a country (needed sometimes by some websites)

How to run Greasemonkey scripts in Safari |

Install Greasemonkey Scripts in Safari with GreaseKit

Guide to Mac/Windows Interoperability |

conseil pour l'interoperabilité entre mac et pc

Bundles — TextMate Manual |

The manual for bundles in textmate. Lots of tips and keyboard shortcuts.

Sync Google Calendar with Apple iCal |

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étapes pour syncroniser son Google Calendar avec iCal de Apple

How to Use Nokia PC Suite on a Mac |

connecter un nokia sur un Mac via Parralle et Nokia PC Suite


How To Backup Your Mac Intelligently |

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comment faire des sauvegardes intelligentes de son blog (pour plus tard)


iPod nano hacking |

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2-3 trucs pour modifier l'apparence du nano