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a fast, easy - and free - way to reformat graphics and images for mobile devices


ImageOptim |

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free Macintosh application that optimizes images so they take up less disk space and load faster. It finds the best compression parameters and by removing unnecessary comments and color profiles. It handles PNG, JPEG and GIF animations.

Ultimate Guide To Web Optimization (Tips & Best Practices) |

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server-side optimization, assets optimization (which includes web components like CSS, Javascript, images, etc) and platform

ImageOptim - a PNG/JPEG graphics optimizer for Mac OS X |

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front-end (GUI) for set of tools for optimisation of PNG/JPEG images and GIF animations

Titanium Software |

multifunction utility (maintenance, optimization, and personalization)


6 FREE Tools To Get The Best Keywords For Your Site |

tools which can help you research different keywords specific to your site and optimize the site.


Thirteen Simple Rules for Speeding Up Your Web Site |

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Make fewer HTTP requests, use a Content Delivery Network, add an Expires header, Gzip components, put CSS at the top, move Scripts to the bottom, avoid CSS expressions, make JavaScript and CSS external, reduce DNS lookups, Minify JavaScript, avoid Redirec


CSS Compressor |

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optimiser son fichier css (le meilleur)

SEO Analyzer |

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analyzes your page for search engine optimization and accessibility issues


Web Page Analyzer |

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free website speed test website optimization tool check website performance report webpage speed tool download speed test

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