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RevolutionMoney |

Concurrent de Western Union Money Transfert mais gratuit et via le web

Cash Flow Management For Small Business |

cash flow management tool that allows you to easily monitor the heartbeat of your small business. Compatible avec Basecamp

Short Reckonings |

tracking and evening out group expenses


Less Accounting |

track expenses & sales leads, create / send proposals & invoices

Cashboard : Estimate, Invoice and Time Tracking Software for your business |

by 7 others
new application designed to help service-oriented businesses manage estimates, invoices, timesheets and payments.

My Hourly Rate Calculator |

tool will help you calculate what you should be charging for your services


click2pay |

the swiss post's IT guys seem to make quite a few things quite right: (those who bought leading (ok: nationally) in pki and mobile micropayments - seem to be really serious about taking there offline quality business online.

Ideawins |

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create quotes and invoices, track expenses, manage payrolls (via ADP's integrated payroll service), produce all kinds of reports, list items on eBay, track auction activity, send PayPal invoices, and much more.

Ripple |

open-source bank-independent payment system. P2P monetary payment system based on trust that already exists between people in real-world social networks.

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