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Card Games for Information Architects

This article reviews 6 simple but powerful research techniques you can use to improve the information architecture of your product or web site. None of these activities require a computer. You simply need a bunch of cards, a participant and a desk.



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web-based software application for remote online card sorting


A common language for interaction design |

A common language for interaction design would improve the clarity and speed at which we communicate design.

UsableWorld - News > Rapid IA creation with mindmaps |

Exemple d'utilisation de Mindmanager pour un workshop IA avec un client

Au service de l'Expérience Utilisateur |

Version français du schéma de JJ Garrett sur "The elements of User Experience". Uniquement utile pour le vocabulaire francophone. (je sais cette note ne veut rien dire...)


On Information Architecure, Usability and Web development |

blog speaking about IA, usability, writing for the web, personas, language problems and web development

Personas (User experience design resources) |

"A huge list of links about personas sheets: Articles, tutorials, Interviews, Case studies, Examples and templates"

UiaML - Universal information architecture Modeling Language |

normaliser les présentations en arborescence, les cas d’utilisation, les diagrammes fonctionnels

Information Architecture Stencils for OmniGraffle |

IA stencils for OmniGraffle: Flow Map Shapes and Block Diagram Shapes

Jesse James Garrett: information architecture resources |

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published work related to information architecture and user experience