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search engine for all your services (gmail, twitter, facebook, dropbox, basecamp, gCalendar...) (via @lejoe)

Graph Your Inbox

a Google Chrome extension that allows you to graph Gmail activity over time

Solved: Gmail, iPad, iPhone, and multiple from addresses | Modern Nerd

enabling multiple “from” addresses under a single Gmail account in Mail on the iPad and iPhone


Google Sync on your mobile phone |

syncroniation des données entre un iphone et google (gmail, calendar)

Notify |

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Notify provides a simple and elegant way of keeping track of what's in your Gmail inbox. With support for multiple accounts, and a beautiful tabbed user interface, you can't go wrong with Notify.


Google Contacts :: Thunderbird Add-ons |

Access to Google contacts and synchronize them with Thunderbird address books.

Gmail Modes |

Liste des différentes urls pour accéder à gmail dans différentes versions

Imapsync |

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"un script qui permet de copier de manière incrémentale et récursive un compte mail depuis un serveur vers un autre, à l’aide du protocole IMAP. L’intérêt de cet outil est qu’il ne copie que les mails qui n’existent pas encore sur le serveur

Zindus |

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Thunderbird Contact Sync for Google and Zimbra

Syncman |

Syncman synchronizes your Mac's built-in Address Book with your Gmail Contacts

Google Email Uploader |

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processes those old mailboxes and adds their contents to your Google mailbox. Only for Google Apps Account

Import Your Hotmail Messages into Gmail |

Comment importer les messages de Hotmail dans gMail

Google Account Multi-Login |

Quickly Switch Google Accounts with the Google Account Multi-Login


Remember The Milk for Gmail |

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Firefox extension that allows you to manage/add your tasks in Gmail (complete, postpone, and edit tasks)

Google Notifier for Mac |

Gmail et Google Calendar notifier pour mac

Mailplane |

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a Mac OS X application that has Google Mail (Gmail) meet the desktop. It combines the power of a conventional desktop application (like with the flexibility and quality of an online email client.

How to Make a Password Strength Meter Like Google |

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Comment faire un vérificateur d'efficacité de mot de passe (comme lors de la création d'un compte gmail par exemple)

Gmail TinyUrl |

greasemonkey script that converts a url in a gmail compose screen into a TinyUrl.

Reading your Hotmail email directly from Gmail |

Hotmail doesn't offer POP access but we can use IzyMail to enable Hotmail POP and then get the messages using the Gmail Fetcher.


Wordpress SMTP Plugin (Gmail Compatible) |

Give your Wordpress blog some GMAIL TLS SMPT goodness

GTDGmail |

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The Firefox Extension that Combines Gmail with Getting Things Done

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