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QuickSnapper image hosting |

Site pour stocker ses images, captures d'écran, etc.

CSSiPhone — Screens for all your iPhone needs |

by 14 others
A CSS Design gallery showing sites as viewed through the iPhone.


40+ Carousel Designs |

carousel has become a very popular way to showcase multiple pieces of featured content within a fixed promotional area.

Shadowbox.js Media Viewer |

by 6 others
javascript library to display all sorts of media (images, flickr, flv, quicktime, youtube, iframes, ...) with lightbox effect. It has an abstraction layer to make it use YUI, Ext, Prototype + scriptaculous, JQuery or MooTools

Genève art contemporain |

Programmes des expositions à Genève (galeries, musées, fondations)

Expositions d'art plastique à Genève |

Programmes des expositions à Genève (galeries, musées, fondations)

Contemporary art in Brussels |

Liste des galeries, centres d'art contemporains à Bruxelles. Agenda etc..


iCarousel |

by 2 others
carousel open source en javascript qui vous permettra de créer des petites applis qui dérouleront des données dans le même style que certains widgets

Index |

Liste de galeries et de musées à Berlin

Ggala |

groupement des galeries d'art contemporain à Lausanne Suisse

E.S.F Espace Saint-Francois |

Art contemporain, galerie à Lausanne

Circuit |

Association d’art contemporain à Lausanne


Phormer |

Photo gallery sans base de données

Picasa Web Albums |

by 9 others
Album photo online de google et picasa

Inline Gallery |

by 1 other
Simple and flexible image gallery plugin, it integrates into the WP 2.0 visual editor toolbar, supports nested galleries,XMP/IPTC captions, output is customizable with templates

Andata Ritorno

galerie d'art de JosephF

Top 10 CSS image gallery tutorials |

by 7 others
10 meilleures solutions de création de galerie en css

Lazy-K Gallery |

by 1 other
plugin that tries to make creating a photo gallery on a website as easy as possible

PhpWebGallery |

by 2 others
application de galerie d'images

Free CMS & Blog Hosting with Flux CMS |

by 4 others
créer et héberger son site (blog ou autre) avec flux

ZenPress |

A plugin for Wordpress that enables a bloggers to easily include pictures from a Zenphoto installation on the same server.

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