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Mollify |

open source web-based file manager, built with PHP & GWT, that can control files hosted in a web server or hosting account

iPhone Explorer - A USB iPhone browser for Mac and PC |

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An iPhone browser for Mac and Windows that lets you copy files and folders on and off your iPhone with drag and drop.


Dropbox |

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Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.


Mindquarry |

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Open source collaborative project and team collaboration software, featuring a range of features from wiki creation and editing, to file sharing and team collaboration that meshes simplicity and functionality.


Upload multiple files with a single file element |

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système d'upload multiple et utilisant un seul champs input. Le secret : les fichiers à télécharger se rajoute à une espèce de file d'attente.Le tout est biensûr géré intégralement en ajax. Le principe de fonctionnement est très intuitif et le

Zamzar |

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web-based file conversion tool that can convert your video, audio, images, and documents from nearly any format to nearly any format you like.

Openfiler |

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Friendly enterprise storage management platform. Distribution spécialisée dans le serveur de fichiers. outils de gestion d’espace disque par LVM.


RoamDrive |

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utiliser son adresse email comme un disc dur externe



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envoie de gros fichiers, sans inscription


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store and share files on any web-mail account


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envoie de gros fichiers, avec inscription

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