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Delibar, Delicious Mac client |

a full featured Mac client. Delibar focuses on giving Mac OS X users an easy and quick tool for searching, managing and sharing their Delicious bookmarks

Tasty: A New Delicious iPhone App |

Features * See all your recent bookmarks * Favicon support * Access to “Fresh” and “Popular” delicious bookmarks * Bookmarklet support in Safari * Create new bookmarks * Screenshots of bookmarked sites supported

Facette | Facets for Delicious |

With Facette, you can create a more organized data set on Delicious, as it forces you to be more specific about how you want to categorize each new bookmark. Sponsor Among other things, Facette puts a stronger emphasis on the type of object you are bookmarking (article, blog post, tool, etc.), the kind of information it contains (tips, photos, videos, audio), and what you are planning to use it for.


Bookmark suggestions from inSuggest |

by 2 others
Suggestion de sites sur la base des bookmarks d'un user de delicious

2007 to Google Bookmarks |

by 4 others
Permet d'importer ses bookmarks delicious dans Google Bookmarks

Make a Google Custom Search Engine from your bookmarks |

by 1 other
turns your bookmarks into a Google Custom Search Engine


Extension Firefox |

by 4 others
extension firefox qui intègre complétement dans les bookmarks

Pukka |

by 6 others
a minimalist posting client for Fire it up and within seconds you can easily post to one or more accounts. Drag a URL from any browser, open a URL shortcut file on the desktop, or drag a URL right onto the dock icon.


SuprGlu |

by 34 others
rassemble sur une même page son compte flickr, delicious, blog, etc.

Lazy Sheep Bookmarklet |

by 24 others
Bookmarklet generator for semi-automatic bookmarking direc.tor |

by 81 others
bookmarklet pour changer l'interface de en y injectant une bonne dose d'ajax

These Links Are |

aggregate links in a Textpattern installation

Tag Central |

by 9 others
regroupe des résultats de recherche par tags sur plusieurs sources

Scuttle |

by 6 others
run your own Personal online bookmarking system

MySqlicious |

by 18 others
quick and easy way to mirror bookmarks into MySQL

Web site screenshots for your link log |

Integrate your bookmarks on your website with screenshots

Scribbling |

by 1 other
mise en page et rubrique lecture basée sur avec des vignettes

Pasta |

by 10 others
créer une page de toute pièce avec le texte que l'on désire puis enregistrer cette page dans son

Absolutely |

by 30 others
liste d'outils à utiliser avec


Backing up |

by 19 others
sauvegarder ses liens

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