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9 Tips for Creating More Small Business Blogging Ideas

9 Tips for Creating More Small Business Blogging Ideas

Pleasure and Pain » The UX Design Process for the Boxee Beta

Improving the human experience one day at a time. Written by Whitney Hess


The Trouble with Trolls |

Conseils pour la gestion de Trolls

Google-blog-converters-appengine |

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open source project that can take blogs from most popular platforms and convert them to other popular ones.

2008 |

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Permet d'embarquer n'importe quel type de fichier dans un blog

Habari Project | habariproject.orgq

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Outil de blogging opensource php inspiré de wordpress

How to Comment About Your Company on Blog Posts, Without Being Spammy |

Article intéressant sur les bonnes pratiques en matière de commentaire lorsqu'on s'exprime au nom d'une compagnie

How to Pitch a Blogger |

Conseils pour pitcher un blogger

Chyrp |

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Outil de bloggin extra simple

Tips for conference bloggers |

Quelques conseils pour les bloggers participants à des conférences


On Information Architecure, Usability and Web development |

blog speaking about IA, usability, writing for the web, personas, language problems and web development |

blog collaboratif de plusieurs Bruxellois

Microformatique |

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Blog de l'auteu du livre sur les Microformats