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May 2006

DHTMLgoodies |

by 33 others
script en ajax à disposition du passant

December 2005

JavaScript / CSS / DOM image magnifier |

by 6 others
script permettant de zoomer sur une partie d'une image. Assez incroyable!

November 2005

PunBB |

by 11 others
forum sans tables, léger et rapide

October 2005

phpMyVisites |

by 20 others
application libre (licence GPL) et gratuite de statistiques et de mesure d'audience de sites Internet

Gallery |

by 48 others
open source web based photo album organizer.

June 2005

FANI Project |

by 1 other
utilitaire de partage de marque-pages en réseau

AWStats |

by 15 others
Free log file analyzer for advanced statistics

CyberChair |

Web-based Paper Submission and Reviewing System

OpenConf |

by 1 other
open source conference management system

May 2005

PhpMyTicket |

logiciel libre pour la billetterie et la prévente de tout type de manifestation

iCalScheduler |

for room scheduling.Derived from MRBS & phpiCalendar, it has been tailored initially for academic settings and adds wizards for finding available rooms at given times and filters for room display.

phpScheduleIt |

A web-based resource scheduling system that allows administered management of reservations on any number of resources

phpESP |

by 2 others
PHP scripts to let non-technical users create surveys, administer surveys, gather results, view statistics.

LogiCampus |

by 1 other
logiciel d'e-learning couplé avec une gestion des ressources (réservation de salle)

Owl Intranet Engine |

by 6 others
multi user document repository (knowledgebase) system

April 2005

RubyForge |

by 19 others
home for open source Ruby projects

March 2005

Scuttle |

by 6 others
run your own Personal online bookmarking system

MySqlicious |

by 18 others
quick and easy way to mirror bookmarks into MySQL

NetOffice |

by 4 others
web based project-management environment

February 2005

PHP/SWF Charts |

by 24 others
tool to create attractive web charts and graphs from dynamic data.