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SendGrid | We Make Email Delivery Easy

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Increase Email Deliverability SendGrid transparently handles DKIM, SPF, ISP rate limits, content inspection, bounces, and spam reports to help users achieve higher deliverability. SendGrid integrates in minutes by just changing three SMTP settings. We even assign our users their own IP addresses

Datatrans |

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Swiss payment service provider (PSP)


Apigee | Free, Self-service API management |

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An api management service. You can build you api, connect it to this service and it acts as a proxy, enabeling you to put limits and see taffic. (via lejoe)

Gnip |

"A service to put between you and your apis to get the data pushed to you" via lejoe


On Demand Video Encoding |

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cloud solution to video conversion and it has a decent API.

37signals Developer Site: APIs and more |

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APIs pour les différents produits de 37 signals (Basecamp, highrise, etc.)

Mapstraction |

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Mapstraction is a library that provides a common API for various javascript mapping APIs to enable switching from one to another as smoothly as possible.


3 kinds of platforms you meet on the Internet |

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articles sur les 3 types de plateformes sur internet. Access API, Plugin API, Runtime environnement. Mise en avant des bénéfices de la dernière.


The Web As Platform |

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liste de ressources sur: Mashup , Api, etc...

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