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November 2006

Amberjack: Site Tour Creator |

by 28 others
tool pour faire des présentations de sites. Genre visite guidée

August 2006

ThickBox 2.0 |

encore des techinques de Lightbox

June 2006

Pinball Effect |

by 1 other
over-sizer les zones sensibles et les rollover sur les liens

iBox |

by 9 others
a lightbox effet not only for pictures but also for divs and so on

March 2006

Lightbox 2 Wordpress Plugin |

plugin that enable you to use lightbox JS script to overlay images on the current page.

Lightbox JS v2.0 |

by 89 others
script used to overlay images on the current page

February 2006

Customizing Lightbox |

by 3 others
For use at alwaysbeta, Sean integrated moo.fx, added a close button, did some general code cleanup, and added an attractive Apple-like spinner graphic for the loading image.

Lightbox Gone Wild |

by 16 others
display a modal window (popup like) on top of page, with black transparent background.

January 2006

Lightbox JS |

by 91 others
Poop up larger image as overlay