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10 March 2010

Heuristic evaluation (A-Z of user experience design resources)

Articles, case studies and research on the use of heuristic evaluation as a method of evaluating the usability of a user interface

Usability Expert Reviews: Beyond Heuristic Evaluation

Most people that carry out usability expert reviews use Jakob Nielsen's ten usability 'heuristics'. Many of these guidelines are common sense but they are not based on substantive research. The International usability standard, BS EN-ISO 9241-110 proposes an alternative set of seven guidelines. These guidelines have the benefit of international consensus and they can be applied to any interactive system.

How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation |

How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation. Jack Nielsen, usability guru, came up with the method known as heuristic evaluation. The goal is to find out how Internet users interact with a website. Steve Krug, author of "Don't Make Me...

Heuristic Evaluation and its alternatives

Heuristic evaluations are arguably most valuable as an early evaluation technique, performed on an exisiting system or first prototype in an effort to identify the major usability problems.

08 March 2010

07 March 2010

How to conduct a usability review | Useful Usability

Conducting a usability review is a great way to evaluate and optimize a web site. Here’s the steps you need to take to conduct your own usability review.

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