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Java Design Patterns -

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Java Design Patterns Reference and Examples

Stream Your Music Collection over the Web Hack

Sure, an iPod can hold an awful lot of music, but can it hold your entire music collection? Probably not. Here`s how to access your full iTunes library from any computer. - Podcast directory

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Public radio podcast directory

Women`s Weight Training

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good, basic advice and information

Open Thread: The “43 Folders” of health and fitness sites? | 43 Folders

what’s your favorite website or blog about getting healthy? What are your favorite apps for tracking progress and watching a diet? Who’s got the best “health hacks?”

The New Yorker: Fact

THE SAINTLY SINNER<br /> The two-thousand-year obsession with Mary Magdalene.<br /> by JOAN ACOCELLA

lifeblood: bootlegs

have been collecting indigo girls shows2 since the summer of 1989, and have made many of the shows listed below available (for free) to anyone who would like to have them via bittorrents3 at bt.etree.org4. if you have something that is not showing up here, or a better sounding copy of something that is, and would like to trade please e-mail me at underdog@earthlink.net5. thanks very much and enjoy!

Computer Power User Article - DIY Networking

One of the most sought-after additions to any home network is also one of the toughest to define. Ask anyone with a large MP3 or video collection if she`d like a central location on her network to store all her files and she will almost certainly answer a resounding, "Yes." A media server serves that purpose, but designing one can be somewhat confusing.

macosxhints - How to securely control another Mac over the internet

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The idea is to be able to remotely view and, if needed, control another Mac to help teach a new Mac user how to do something or fix their problem. SSH on Mac OS X

SSH is a secure way to connect to your Mac over un-trusted networks, such as the Internet. At it`s most basic level, it allows you to log into a Mac remotely using the terminal using the sshd and ssh programs. You must enable the SSH service on the Mac you want to log in to

SlimServer Procedure

Procedure: How to Implement SlimServer to Stream Audio to Any PC with a Browser

RemoteStreaming - Slim Devices : Community : Wiki

SlimServer was designed to stream MP3 files to a Squeezebox Network Music Player. However, it can also steam the same files over the Internet to MP3 software player such as Winamp and iTunes.<br /> <br /> For the sake of discussion, the computer running the SlimServer will be called the remote machine.<br /> <br /> First install and start the SlimServer software on this machine. Make sure it is reachable over the Internet. If not, you will need to open 9000 port on your router.

BeginnersGuide - Slim Devices : Community : Wiki

Details on configuring your firewall depends on the specific firewall you use, but the idea is always the same - allow SlimServer to act as a server, give it in/out access and, if your firewall permits it, let your firewall know that your Squeezebox is a trusted device.

SSH in Mac OS X

SSH in Mac OS X<br /> <br /> Mac OS X comes with its own implementation of OpenSSH, so you don`t need to install any third-party software to take advantage of the extra security SSH offers! Just open a terminal window and jump in.<br /> <br /> There`s no graphical front-end, however, so you`ll need to use some shell commands. In particular, you`ll need to change directories and possibly create the .ssh directory if you don`t already have one. Also, you`ll need to use emacs or vi to paste your public key, because pico inserts "line breaks" that will ruin your public key.

Vegetable Lentil Curry

This is even better made a day ahead so that the flavors have a chance to meld together--a great make-ahead dish!

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