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10 February 2007

The Estrin Report: Can you search the Internet anonymously?

"Basically, Tor is a way to surf the Internet anonymously.Internet surveillance by sending your data packets through different routers around the world. As each packet moves from one router to the next, it is encoded with encrypted routing information, an

08 February 2007

06 February 2007

The Hucksters meet The Tricksters :: AdLand the commercial archive :: by the adgrunts for the adgrunts advertising blog x

corporate slogans are remixed and randomized to generate invented slogans. These slogans are then paired with related images from Flickr, thereby generating fake advertisements on the fly. By remixing corporate slogans,

05 February 2007

FBI turns to broad new wiretap method | Tech News on ZDNet

Instead of recording only what a particular suspect is doing, agents conducting investigations appear to be assembling the activities of thousands

Better Get Used to Yahoo ID

Heather Green:I met with Bradley Horowitz of Yahoo last week, and the message that came through loud and clear was how important Yahoo ID is to Yahoo-- especially as the company pushes to create more what it calls "off brand services."

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