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27 May 2007

Clipmark: Amyloid protein seen to zip together

explained Eisenberg. 'We managed to grow sections of these proteins into crystals.' Eisenberg's team was specifically interested in a small fragment of the long protein complex that forms the fibril - the folded, twisted, insoluble sheet that develops

23 May 2007

Clipmark: A new wrinkle in evolution -- Man-made proteins

Their most recent results, published in the May 23rd edition of the journal PLoS ONE, have led to some surprisingly new lessons on how to optimize proteins which have never existed in nature before, in a process they call ‘synthetic evolution.’ "Th

21 May 2007

Clipmark: Study Of Protein Folds Offers Insight Into Metabolic Evolution

“The most ancient (protein) molecules were involved in the interconversion of nucleotides. But they were not synthesizing them,” Caetano-Anollés said. “We see that all the enzymes that were involved in purine synthesis, for example, were very recen

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