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April 2007

Colony Collapse Disorder Universal Prion

19 Aug 99 webmaster Could a bee sting cause scrapie? Yes, indeed -- there was an apparent near miss 23.6 million years ago in a common ancestor of sheep and cow -- a retrotransposon event that might have boosted prion protein production to levels foste

March 2007

Alzheimer’s may 'seed' itself like mad cow disease - health - 21 September 2006 - New Scientist

Proteins taken from the brains of Alzheimer’s patients and injected into the brains of genetically engineered mice trigger Alzheimer’s-like lesions in the mouse brains, researchers report. The findings suggest that the malformed protein clumps asso

More deaths from mad cow disease predicted - Health & Science - International Herald Tribune

More deaths from mad cow disease predicted By Donald G. McNeil Jr. The New York Times NEW YORK The long lives that some former cannibals enjoy before succumbing to a brain-wasting disease suggest that many more humans will eventually die of mad cow dise

Boston Brains Trust

Stanley Prusiner, Nobel Laureate - whose key-note speech galvanized an international audience at an Amyloidosis Congress in Wood’s Hole last November, skillfully presented extensive research data to support an hypothesis that “prions” and amyloid-li

February 2007

January 2007

Potentially Pathogenic Virus Found in Mad Cow Cells

The alternative view that a virus causes spongiform encephalopathies of the brain, such as “mad cow” and Creutzfeldt-Jakob (CJD) disease, rather than prion proteins, which are normally produced throughout life, is bolstered in a new study by Yale Scho

All Headline News - Study Finds Protein Role In Spread Of Prion Diseases - January 31, 2007

protein fragmentation we studied has a big impact on how fast prion diseases spread and may also play a role in the accumulation of toxic proteins in neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's.