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Hydraulis - Hydraulis Mispelled at

hydraulis earliest known mechanical pipe organ.hydraulis earliest known mechanical pipe organ.this item is 1 copies.In order to reconstruct the hydraulis, all the ancient sources mentioning the.The hydraulis is the first keyboard musical instrument in the

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Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean //HYDRAULIS

musical instrument invented by the engineer "Ktesibios" from Alexandria, in the 3rd century BC. It was transmitted to the West via Byzantium and is the precursor of the church organ. Music was produced by controlling the flow of air through bronze pipes.

About the Ancient Hydraulis

Invented by Ctesibius of Alexandria in the 3rd Century B.C., the hydraulis was the first keyboard musical instrument and the ancestor of the modern church organ. In 1992 Greek archaeologists recovered a fragmentary hydraulis dating from the 1st Century B.

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