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25 January 2007 20:30


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The path to sustainable mobility is complex, with numerous competing and complementary approaches to alternative energy sources, production, distribution and applications; fuel and power-train options; materials; safety, economic and environmental conside

25 January 2007 20:15

Eclipse Solar Gear - Solar Powered Chargers, Backpacks, Coolers, Saddle Bags, Camera Bags, Messenger Bags, Fishing Tackle Boxes and Accessories

By Innovus Designs Inc 16721 Chamonix Terrace Round Rock, TX 78681 (512) 388-2585 Eclipse Solar Gear is an Innovus Designs Inc company brand located in Round Rock, just north of Austin, Texas. The company was formed in 2003 with the mobile consumer ele

Welcome to Mag-Wind - Affordable Clean Energy for Homes, Farms, & Businesses

The Mag-Wind VAWT wind turbine was invented in Canada by Thomas Priest-Brown and Jim Rowan. The magnetically-levitated Mag-Wind design solves 11 different problems that previously limited the development of vertical-axis wind turbines for generation of el

The Citizenrē Corporation

The Citizenrē REnU program is the first to give you the chance to adopt green energy in your home without having to make a huge investment.

25 January 2007 20:00

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) brings together some 180 international companies in a shared commitment to sustainable development through economic growth, ecological balance and social progress. Our members are drawn from m

China to build one of the world's biggest solar power stations

China to build one of the world's biggest solar power stations AFP, 21 November 2006 - China intends to build one of the world's biggest solar power stations at a cost of 765 million dollars, state press reported Tuesday. The 100-megawatt facility, to b

Electric Vehicles UK : Home (Electric car / Electric vehicle campaign and information)

"eMISSION" STATEMENT:FIRSTLY - to EXPLODE THREE PERSISTENT electric vehicle MYTHS: MYTH 1) - that EV's are by definition LOW-RANGE. 60-70 miles is the usual myth-conception or myth-information... MYTH 2) - that EV's are all by definition worthy-but-nerd


The Vectrix electric maxi-scooter is the world's first high-performance electric two-wheel vehicle to offer all the benefits of a traditional gasoline-powered scooter but without the noise, pollution, expensive maintenance, frequent oil changes, and regul

25 January 2007 19:45

Welcome to Miles Automotive Group

At Miles Automotive Group, we understand that the choices we make today will have a lasting impact on the way we live tomorrow. That's why we pushed the limits of technology to create a line of vehicles for those who care about today, tomorrow and

Electric Cars, Green Vehicle :: Phoenix Motorcars, Inc.

Phoenix Motorcars manufactures zero-emission, freeway-speed fleet vehicles. It is an early leader in the mass production of full-function, green electric trucks and SUVs for commercial fleet use. Based in Ontario, California, Phoenix Motorcars uses the Na

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