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April 2007

Compiler - Wired News

As Pete Cashmore of Mashable quipped “yes, you lose your identity, but you’ll be fully clothed.”The amazing part is that Upcoming users seem to be buying all of this, proving once again that for the hipster crowd, free t-shirts will always trump vag

March 2007

» Blog Archive » American Studio’s Secret Plan to lock Down European TV Devices

merican Studio’s Secret Plan to lock Down European TV Devices EFF Exposes Standards Jeopardizing Innovation and Consumer Rights San Francisco - An international consortium of television and technology companies is devising draconian anti-consumer

The Artist’s Dilemma

Since the beginning of time, creative types have struggled with a paradox. If you are an artist, deep down you want to pursue the passion of your genius. You want to create the purest representation possible of your soul and share it with all who will not

February 2007

RE-ORG: Yahoo Photos shutting down, Flickr triumphant? - Valleywag

Time to upgrade this from rumor to unannounced fact -- that's our bet, anyway. "Consolidation" was the word seized upon most in Yahoo exec Brad Garlinghouse's "Peanut Butter Manifesto." And consolidating the duplicate services provided by post-acquisition

American Wars

The long-held suspicions about George Bush's wars are well-placed. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were not prompted by the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. They were not waged to spread democracy in the Middle East or enhance security at ho

Internet Traffic Jam, Flickr annoys old skool, Zune Phone, J Allard takes charge of Zune

Flickr abandons the "old skool"; Yahoo is discontinuing the old email-based Flickr sign-in system and from 15 March, all users will be required to have a Yahoo ID to sign-in to Flickr. They're also restricting a user's contacts to 3000. Steve O'Hear write

PlagiarismToday » Yahoo’s Flickr Photo Flap and the Perils of UGC

This came as part of a very hard week for both Yahoo and Flickr as a change in Flickr’s login inspired equal amounts of rage among many loyal to the site.

SDA Asia Magazine::News::Flickr Users in Furore Over Login Policy

However, a Flickr user said that, "Flickr and Yahoo could and should grandfather people into their system who have been here for a while and created the reason that Flickr even got bought in the first place".

News - Hoover's

FAST and Yahoo Renew Their Search Technology The two companies independently revise their core business offerings in hopes of slowing down the Google juggernaut.

There is no end, but addition: Alex Brown's weblog

Having moved from flickr to SmugMug I was faced with the prospect of moving all my flickr photos across. A quick look at flickr reveals there is no easy way

The Hucksters meet The Tricksters :: AdLand the commercial archive :: by the adgrunts for the adgrunts advertising blog x

corporate slogans are remixed and randomized to generate invented slogans. These slogans are then paired with related images from Flickr, thereby generating fake advertisements on the fly. By remixing corporate slogans,

Better Get Used to Yahoo ID

Heather Green:I met with Bradley Horowitz of Yahoo last week, and the message that came through loud and clear was how important Yahoo ID is to Yahoo-- especially as the company pushes to create more what it calls "off brand services."