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January 2008

Clipmark: heritage site indian bee tree

fascinating over 600 bee hives one tree

September 2007

May 2007

Clipmark: Spiroplasmas, are present in the hemolymph of almost all insects; there probably are several million

Spiroplasmas are also within the size range of the agent that transmits CJD and other transmissible Spongiform encephalopathies. Spiroplasmas will pass through a 50 nm-pore filter. The transmissible agent's size has been determined to be 42 nm.Spiroplasma

Clipmark: Gene from the genetically engineered rapeseed was transferred in the bee's gut to the microbes.

Global food security is a key strategic issue regarding genetic modification. This could become a major concern, either through the impact of promotion of GM in agriculture in the third world, which will bring about the demise of the livelihoods of billio

April 2007

Clipmark: Welcome to the Honeybee Hemolymph Proteomics Database at the University of British Columbia.

The honeybee, Apis mellifera, is an invaluable partner in agriculture around the world, both for its production of honey and, more importantly, for its role in pollination. Honeybees are largely unexplored at the molecular level, despite a long and distin


Pollinators are essential to life. Nearly 80% of our world's crop plants require pollination. Birds, bees, butterflies, but also beetles, mosquitoes, and even bats transfer pollen between seed plants. This function is vital for plant reprod

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