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28 January 2007 06:00

Ancient Sumer History in Mesopotamia

Genesis 10:10 And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel and Erech and Accad and Calneh in the land of Shinar (Sumer) .....Genesis 11:2 And it came to pass as they journeyed from the east that they found a plain in the and of Shinar; and they dwelt there

MYTHS OF THE FLOOD - Myths of Creation and of Origin - Myths of the flood - Mircea Eliade, "From Primitives to Zen"

Gilgamesh has made a long and difficult journey to learn how Utnapishtim acquired eternal life. In answer to his questions, Utnapishtim tells the following story. Once upon a time, the gods destroyed the ancient city of Shuruppah in a great flood. But Utn

A SUMERO-AKADIAN PRAYER - Man and the Sacred - Prayers and hymns - Mircea Eliade, "From Primitives to Zen"

This prayer is, in effect, a general prayer, asking any god for pardon for any transgression. The writer, in his suffering, admits that he may have broken some divine rule. But he does not know either what he has done or what god he has offended. Furtherm

THE GREAT HYMN TO SHAMASH - Man and the Sacred - Prayers and hymns - Mircea Eliade, "From Primitives to Zen"

21. You climb to the mountains surveying the earth,22. You suspend from the heavens the circle of the lands.23. You care for all the peoples of the lands,24. And everything that Ea, king of the counsellors, had created is entrusted to you.25. Whatever has

Proverbs of Ahikar the Wise

The story of Ahikar (Ahiqar) the Wise is one of the most popular and often translated in the ancient Middle East. While it is thought that the original was written in Assyrian language, the story exists in many versions. These include Syriac, Arabic, Arme

ENKI, A SUMERIAN HIGH GOD - Gods, Goddesses and Supernatural Beings - Gods of the ancient Near East, ancient India, and Japan - Mircea Eliade, "From Primitives to Zen"

'Enki and the World Order' is one of the longest and best preserved of the extant Sumerian narrative poems. The poem begins with a hymn of praise addressed to Enki; some of it is destroyed and unintelligible, but generally speaking, it seems to exalt Enki

Ancient History Sourcebook: A Collection of Mesopotamian Laws, c. 2250 - 550 BCE

1. BE it enacted forever and for all future days: If a son say to his father, "You are not my father," he [the father] can cut off his [the son's] locks, make him a slave and sell him for money. If a son say to his mother, "You are not my mother," she can

Ancient History Sourcebook: The Legend of Sargon of Akkadê, c. 2300 BCE

1. Sargon, the mighty king, king of Akkadê am I,2. My mother was lowly; my father I did not know; 3. The brother of my father dwelt in the mountain.4. My city is Azupiranu, which is situated on the bank of the Purattu [Euphrates],5. My lowly mother conc

Babylonia and Ancient Near Eastern Texts - Britannica Keyed

Israel fell into Babylon-Canaanite-Egyptian worship as musical idolatry at Mount Sinai. Because of that God turned them over to worship the "starry hosts" according to Stephen in Acts 7 and many of the prophets. The worship of the MONARCHY was in a Jebusi

The Concept Of Personal God(dess) In Enheduana's Hymns to Inanna

Enheduana is becoming known today as the first named author in all of world literature. She is credited by many as having written and compiled what is known as The Sumerian Temple Hymns, consisting of 42 hymns to the temples of Sumer and Akkad as well as


He who saw everything in the broad-boned earth, and knew what was to be known Who had experienced what there was, and had become familiar with all things He, to whom wisdom clung like cloak, and who dwelt together with Existence in Harmony He knew the

28 January 2007 05:00

Mesopotamia - The British Museum

Early civilizations first developed in Mesopotamia over six thousand years ago. Some of the first cities were established, a writing system was developed, empires were created and monumental buildings were constructed.As each new group of people moved int

CLEPSYDRA : Telling the Time : the story of clocks

Several other methods of telling the time were in common use before the modern clock was invented. The ancient Egyptians, for instance, developed a water clock. This was a neat device which consisted of two cans, placed one on top of the other. At first,

28 January 2007 04:00

BABYLON BATTERY 300 BC & Antikythera ANALOG computer

In 1930, Wilhelm König, an Austrian archaeologist took part in a German expedition to Warka, which he later directed. In 1931, he was appointed Assistant Director of the Baghdader Antikenverwaltung (the Baghdad Antiquities' Administration), becoming its

Babylon Batttery

The ancient battery in the Baghdad Museum as well as those others which were unearthed in Iraq all date from the Parthian Persian occupation between 248 B.C. and A.D. 226. However, Konig found copper vases plated with silver in the Baghdad Museum excavate

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