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29 March 2007 07:45

Kororaa Project - What is Kororaa?

Kororaa is essentially a binary install method for Gentoo Linux. The end system you will have is 100% Gentoo. There are two flavours: Kororaa - which comes with KDE as the default desktop, and; Gororaa - which comes with Gnome as the default desktop. There is also a side-project for Kororaa called the LiveCD. It is a livecd designed to showcase AIGLX, Xgl, compiz, KDE, Gnome, Gentoo and Kororaa technologies. The livecd lets you safely play with the Kororaa system and has the option to install to disk. Our installer takes care of most of the manual configuring required under the Gentoo method, and we have also added a large number tweaks and automations along the way. Kororaa also comes with a carefully selected suite of KDE based applications for your use (Gnome applications for Gororaa) and the system has been designed specifically for these.

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